In Response to the Remark by President Putin

In Response to the Remark by President Putin

21 June 2019


On 20 June, President Putin of Russia, after the direct dialogue with Russian people, expressed his willingness to conclude the Japan-Russia Peace Treaty, claiming that he wishes “to normalize the diplomatic relation between Russia and Japan completely and conclude the Peace Treaty.” While the G20 Osaka Summit approaches, the treaty negotiation, which was deadlocked so far, could possibly progress, should the Japanese government decide to do so.

China has been intensifying its hegemonism through the gigantic economic zone known as the “One Road One Belt” policy. If the diplomatic relation between Russia and China becomes stronger, Japan may fall into a national defense crisis and, furthermore, we may see the formation of potential sides to World War III.

In terms of strengthening Japan-Russia relationship both from security and economic points of view, as well as realizing peace and prosperity in the Asia-Pacific region, it should be an urgent issue for Japan to conclude the peace treaty with Russia, a nation which is geopolitically behind China and North Korea.

Regarding the four northern islands, there is no doubt that all four islands are Japan’s inherent territory. However, from the viewpoint of Russia, the four islands are of strategic importance, so the negotiation will likely remain in stalemate as long as Japan sets the resolution of the territorial dispute as the precondition of the peace treaty. The Happiness Realization Party (HRP), therefore, argues that the Japanese government should negotiate with Russia to conclude the peace treaty, even if it means to put aside the territorial issue for the time being.

On 29 June, the Japan-Russia Summit will be held in Osaka. The Japanese government should consider this meeting to be the last opportunity for a peace treaty. HRP demands Prime Minister Abe to make the decision to prioritize national interest above all else and conclude the peace treaty, instead of focusing entirely on “playing it safe” for the sake of the coming election.

HRP continues to make its best effort to create a world in which the values of freedom, democracy and faith are accepted widely based on the Japan-U.S. relationship, and to strengthen its cooperation with such nations as Russia, India, Taiwan, South Korea and Australia in order to contain China.

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