Privacy Policy

Personal information

Personal information consists of the following.

1. Name
2. Gender
3. Date of birth
4. Age
5. Occupation
6. Post code
7. Address
8. E-mail address
9. Telephone number
10. Blood type
11. Other description or number, symbol, or mark used to denote an individual
12. Item with which an individual can be identified visually or aurally (including information with which an individual can easily be identified by checking it against other information)
13. Information such as service use content, product purchasing history, inquiries, etc. that can be used to identify an individual

Reasons for collecting personal information

Happiness Realization Party websites may collect personal information for the following purposes:

• Providing feedback on the political activities of the Happiness Realization Party
• Providing materials requested by users
• Responding to opinions, questions, and the like from users
• Creating and analyzing data related to questionnaires and the like for the purpose of creating a profile of our users
• Confirming and notifying as necessary in the case of questionnaires, projects, applications, and the like
• Contacting users for other reasons as required

Means of collecting personal information

On this website, users may be requested to provide personal information such as their name and e-mail address for the purposes stated above. The decision regarding how much personal information to register is left to the user of the service. Services provided may differ according to the information registered. All such information is collected for the purposes stated above.

Disclosure of information to third parties

Personal information acquired via this website may be disclosed to third parties based on a nondisclosure agreement. Other cases in which personal information may be disclosed to third parties are as follows.

Disclosure of information acquired via this website is carried out in compliance with the law, and personal information may be disclosed to third parties if the rights, assets, and safety of this website and users can be reasonably judged to be protected. Furthermore, personal information may be disclosed to third parties if it is necessary for the protection of the public good, or the assertion or fulfillment of the legal rights or obligations of the third party to which the personal information is disclosed.

In cases other than those stated above in which there is a possibility that information concerning users may be transferred to a third party, this website will provide notification to users in advance. In such cases, users may prohibit the disclosure of personal information.

Security of personal information

Personal information acquired via this website is kept accurate and up-to-date to the degree necessary for its purpose of use. Appropriate and thoroughgoing security measures are exercised in regard to technologies and organizational structure, in accordance with the Guidelines Concerning Personal Information Pertaining to Electronic Data Processing in the Private Sector issued by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (former Ministry of International Trade and Industry) to address the risk of the loss, destruction, falsification, leakage, and so forth of personal information because of unwarranted access.

Nevertheless, please note that this website will not be held responsible for the leakage of the following kinds of personal information:
1. Personal information that was voluntarily disclosed on a bulletin board or in any other freely accessible online space.
2. Information that was leaked by an individual or a computer terminal being used by an individual when sending information, such as by email or the like.


1. This Privacy Policy may change without user consent having been obtained. The terms of use for the services shall in such cases be governed by the amended Approach to Personal Information.
2. Following any such changes, the amended Approach to Personal Information shall take effect upon being displayed online, unless otherwise stated on this website.