On the Third Anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake

It has now been three years since the unparalleled disaster of the Great East Japan Earthquake. We offer our prayers for the repose of its victims, and our condolences to all those affected.

We understand that the government is working on reconstructing the affected regions, but there are still 270,000 people who are forced to live in evacuation shelters. We strongly urge the government to do everything it can to rebuild the affected regions, and we request that they accelerate the rebuilding of lifestyles for the affected people due to the post-disaster decline in health, the suicides, and other disaster-related deaths.

In particular, Fukushima Prefecture, where the Fukushima Dai-Ichi Nuclear Power Plant accident occurred, still has over 130,000 people forced to live in evacuation shelters, and the number of disaster-related deaths has topped those directly killed by the tsunami. Behind this long-term evacuation is the long-term decontamination goal of the DPJ administration, “under 1 millisievert of annual dosage.” While there are loud voices calling for thorough decontamination, there has been no epidemiological proof that exposure to anything under 100 millisieverts a year affects the body.

Without dispelling this excessive fear of radiation, there will be no recovery for Fukushima. We ask the government to tell people the real facts. The spread of incorrect facts has caused not just damaged reputations for local produce as customers shun it, but has meant that every nuclear plant in Japan is now shut down, seriously affecting the Japanese economy.

Our Party intends to continue to propose both the early restart of our nuclear power plants to protect the lifestyles and industries of the people of Japan, and the reconstruction of the affected area and the earliest possible return to their normal lives for evacuees.

Happiness Realization Party