Flyer : The U.S. Should Take Military Intervention in Syria

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The Guardian Spirit of Assad: He Will Hide Chemical Weapons

Amid the diplomatic fiasco, the founder and CEO of Happy Science recorded the spiritual messages from the guardian spirit of Bashar al-Assad and explored whether the Assad regime has any legitimacy as viewed from the standpoint of God and spirits of heavenly realms.

Does President Assad Intend to Surrender All the Chemical Weapons ? : No
He actually shared no thoughts on abandoning chemical weapons. President Assad’s guardian spirit actually declared the opposite, “Just hide them! It’s easy to hide chemical weapons. We just need only one or two days.”

It Was Wrong for Obama to Seek a Diplomatic Solution
Therefore, from this revealed fact, it was too optimistic for Obama to believe that President Putin’s initiative had the potential to remove the threat of chemical weapons without the use of force. On the contrary, President Obama should have rejected the proposal from Russia as an unrealistic plan.

Dictator Assad Believes Killing His Own People Is a Legitimate Act
He showed no hesitation to slaughter his people, and even referred to it as a ‘Punishment from God’,saying, “People who act against my will must be perished from this earth”. Due to Assad’s dictatorship,99 percent of the Syrian people have died at the hands of conventional weapons, not chemical weapons.

Syria Is Like a Large Scale Version of Auschwitz :The U.S. Must Take the Initiative in Removing President Assad
Although President Obama said that his country is not the world’s policeman, We believe if Assad regime is not punished, tyrants and dictators around the globe such as Kim Jong-un of North Korea and Xi Jinping of China will begin to misbehave.

Your country must take the initiative to remove Assad, which, we believe, makes your country exceptional.