Party statement concerning the launch of a missile by North Korea – Calling for the nuclear armament of Japan –

Today on December 12, North Korea launched a long-range ballistic missile, which it is calling a “satellite,” during the general election in Japan and the presidential election in the Republic of Korea, as if to take advantage of the political vacuums in these countries.

This is yet another act of violence following the launch of a ballistic missile in April this year that ended in failure. Such threats to the safety of Japan and Northeast Asia are absolutely unacceptable. Japan, the United States, the Republic of Korea, and other related countries must impose effective sanctions.

The regime of Kim Jong-un has promoted a political approach of putting the military first. This is seriously undermining the peace and safety of the international community, and it is essential to quickly put a stop to such ambitions. It appears that North Korea is making progress with reducing the size of nuclear warheads, and if it is successful, this will dramatically increase the security-related risks for Japan.

The basis of Japan’s defense policy has been “exclusively defensive defense” based on the constitution, and Japan has relied on the military of the United States for second-strike capability and nuclear deterrent force. Nevertheless, the United States forces stationed in Japan may gradually start to withdraw as the result of cuts to military spending. Therefore, we cannot afford to hesitate any longer with regard to strengthening Japan’s national defense, so that we are able to defend our country on our own.

It is not only North Korea that is undermining the safety of Japan. The nuclear power that is China is accelerating its imperialistic policies, and it is on its way to becoming the greatest threat to Japan. In order to protect the lives, safety, and property of the people of Japan against such military threats from neighboring countries, the Happiness Realization Party maintains its view that Japan should possess nuclear weapons in order to strengthen its nuclear deterrent force.

The three non-nuclear principles that make up the national policy of Japan are nothing more than policy measures based on responses to questions in the Diet. In the purely legal sense, “military capability that does not exceed the minimum necessary level for self-defense,” which is allowed based on the current constitution, should include the possession of nuclear weapons for self-defense. There is still a climate of avoiding discussions about nuclear weapons, but politicians cannot run away from having realistic debates regarding national defense.

I would also like to point out that nuclear energy, too, is important in terms of ensuring our potential nuclear deterrent force. Nuclear energy is necessary not only for protecting the industries, jobs, and livelihoods of the people of Japan, but also for national defense. We cannot afford to become involved in irresponsible movements such as campaigns to abandon nuclear energy and initiatives to end the use of nuclear power plants.

Of course, in order to fundamentally strengthen our national defense, it will be necessary to revise Article 9 of the constitution. As the Happiness Realization Party has stressed again and again, China and North Korea are by no means the kind of “peace-loving peoples” mentioned in the preamble of the Japanese constitution. In order to deal with such dangers facing Japan, it is to the nation’s advantage to change the interpretation of the constitution and develop second-strike capability, which will enable Japan to directly attack other countries. The role of the state is to protect the lives and safety of its people. The Happiness Realization Party is determined to continue its activities aimed at establishing an effective defense policy that takes account of the actions of North Korea and China.

Shugaku Tsuiki
Party Leader
Happiness Realization Party