Statement of Protest Against the Sending of Documents to Prosecutors in Response to the Landing on the Senkaku Islands by Japanese Citizens

September 28, 2012

Statement of Protest Against the Sending of Documents to Prosecutors
in Response to the Landing on the Senkaku Islands by Japanese Citizens

Today, the Okinawa Prefectural Police sent documents regarding two Japanese citizens to the public prosecutor’s office based on the suspicion that they landed on the Senkaku Islands in violation of the Minor Offense Act (trespassing, etc.).

When activists from China landed on the islands, the police arrested them on the spot on suspicion of violating the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act, but their case was not sent to prosecutors and they were deported. Thus, in effect they got off scot-free. Meanwhile, this recent case of a landing on the islands, which involved members of the Happiness Realization Party, was the first in which Japanese citizens landed on the islands resulting in documents being sent to the public prosecutor’s office.

It is clear that there is a significant lack of balance between the treatment of the foreigners with the intention of invading Japan and the treatment of our own citizens, and therefore the Happiness Realization Party protests this outrageous situation. Handling the situation in this manner is nothing short of indulging in “apologetic diplomacy” with regard to China.

The government has been refusing to carry out any measures for effective governance of the Senkaku Islands, such as the building of refuge facilities for fishing boats, and has been prohibiting its own citizens from landing on the islands, under the pretext of implementing “peaceable and stable maintenance and management” of the islands. This policy is a serious mistake.

Such an approach of peace at any price is by no means satisfying the Chinese government. As can be seen from the upswing of violent anti-Japanese demonstrations in China recently, there is no question that from here on in the Chinese government will take determined steps toward taking over the Senkaku and other Nansei islands. Accordingly, at this early stage, Japan must strengthen its effective governance and establish a clear defensive structure with regard to the Senkaku Islands.

It can be inferred that the reason the Japanese citizens recently landed on the Senkaku Islands is that they are sensing the encroachment of China on Japan, and therefore had the intention of issuing a warning about the government’s mistaken policies and lack of a plan in this regard. At first glance it may appear that their action was in violation of the law, but in fact their action seems to have arisen from a sincere wish to protect the sovereignty and laws of Japan against infringement by other countries.

The government of Japan has been able to forgive the people of China for carrying out acts of sabotage targeting Japanese companies and inflicting harm upon Japanese nationals residing in China during anti-Japanese demonstrations based on the concept of “patriotic innocence.” If the Japanese government can do that, it should also be able to look at the recent landing by Japanese citizens on the territorial land of their own country in terms of this act’s intention, manner of action, and result in which effectively zero damage was caused, and treat this as a case of “patriotic innocence.”

Accordingly, the Happiness Realization Party strongly opposes the recent sending of documents to the public prosecutor’s office and strongly desires a prudent decision by the office. We also intend to continue to carry out activities promoting the strengthening of national defense in order to protect the territorial land and sea of Japan against acts of infringement by other countries.

Shugaku Tsuiki
Party Leader
Happiness Realization Party