67th Anniversary of the End of World War II

On August 15, Japan marked the 67th anniversary of end of World War II. The Happiness Realization Party prays for the souls of those who lost their lives in the war and offers its condolences to their families. We remember that the peace and prosperity of today are the result of the noble sacrifices made by our forefathers in the war and their postwar efforts to rebuild the country. This anniversary renews our determination to protect Japan from the dangers that it faces from abroad.

This year, Jin Matsubara, Chairman of the National Public Safety Commission, and Yuichiro Hata, Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, became the first cabinet members to visit Yasukuni Shrine since the Democratic Party of Japan took power. Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda, however, has told cabinet members to refrain from visiting Yasukuni Shrine in an official capacity, and he also has yet to make a private visit. In 2005, as a member of the opposition party, Mr. Noda strongly asserted, “The argument against the prime minister visiting Yasukuni Shrine has already been debunked.” After becoming prime minister, however, Prime Minister Noda has abstained from visiting Yasukuni Shrine as the result of excessive concerns regarding China and the Republic of Korea, and therefore his conviction as a politician must be brought into question. Criticism of a visit to Yasukuni Shrine by neighboring countries constitutes foreign interference in the domestic affairs of Japan, and the Happiness Realization Party hopes that Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda will take a resolute stand and visit Yasukuni Shrine.

On the day of the anniversary of the end of World War II, there is still a tendency to condemn the war as one of aggression, yet following the war, neighboring countries have continued to invade Japan’s northern territories and Takeshima Island. Recently on August 10, President Lee Myung-bak became the first president of the Republic of Korea to visit Takeshima Island, Shimane Prefecture. Nevertheless, in light of international law and historical reality, it is an irrefutable fact that Takeshima Island is the sovereign territory of Japan. The Republic of Korea must immediately halt its unlawful occupation of Takeshima Island and agree to procedures for the territorial dispute resolution that the Japanese government is currently considering bringing before the International Court of Justice. The fact that the Republic of Korea is refusing to bring a fair resolution to the territorial conflict based on international law appears to show that the country is admitting its own guilt.

Another serious problem is Prime Minister Noda’s weak response to President Lee’s visit to Takeshima Island and call for an apology by His Majesty the Emperor. Prime Minister Noda did nothing more than label President Lee’s demand as “puzzling and regrettable.” Generally speaking, when territory is being unlawfully occupied, the prime minister should clearly state that there is a possibility that Japan will exercise its right of self-defense. Patrol boats of the Japan Coast Guard must be dispatched to Takeshima Island, and they must continuously demand that any intruders leave. If the Republic of Korea does not accept the lawsuit at the International Court of Justice, the Japanese government should consider backing out from significantly upgrading the currency swap agreement with the Republic of Korea and the agreement to purchase government bonds of the Republic of Korea. The highly disrespectful and insulting comment toward His Majesty the Emperor should be answered with, “If the government of the Republic of Korea formally assesses the achievements in modernization that have resulted from the country’s consolidation with Japan, Japan would consider the matter of an Imperial visit to the Republic of Korea.” The Japanese government must take a resolute stand against the Republic of Korea’s unreasonable diplomatic offensive.

On the occasion of the anniversary of end of World War II, the Happiness Realization Party vows to continue to do its utmost for the peace, safety, and prosperity of Japan.

Shugaku Tsuiki
Party Leader
Happiness Realization Party