Support for and Participation in “5/3 Changing the Constitution and Protecting the Freedom of Japan and Asia! Citizens’ Rally & Demonstration”

Yesterday, April 30, it was affirmed at a meeting held in Washington between the leaders of Japan and the United States that the two countries would strengthen their defense cooperation in light of the notable emergence of China. The military expansion of China along with the continuing brinkmanship of North Korea are the biggest threats to peace and security in the Asia-Pacific region. The new administration of Xi Jinping is expected to start with the National Congress of the Communist Party of China to be held before the end of this year. Under Xi, who is said to have strong ties with the military, it appears quite possible that China will further harden its stance toward outside countries in an attempt to direct the focus of its people’s discontent regarding economic slowdown towards foreign
enemies. Now is the time to develop and improve our deterrent capabilities regarding China for the purpose of national security.

In terms of marine interests in the East China Sea, at the present moment China is embarked on a series of faits accomplis with a view toward taking over the Senkaku Islands, starting with the incident in September last year of a collision with a fishing boat in the area. China is thus repeatedly invading territorial waters. As such, the Governor of Tokyo, Shintaro Ishihara, expressed Tokyo’s intention to purchase the Senkaku Islands and revealed that negotiations are moving forward with the landowners and leaseholders. Inspired by Ishihara’s declaration, the national government also stated that it would also consider the nationalization of the Senkaku Islands; but to begin with, protecting the national territory of Japan is the role of the Japanese government. Some see the words and actions of Governor Ishihara as an overstepping of authority, but the real problem is the national government’s lack of diplomatic and security planning. The national government must make its intentions clearer regarding the defense of the Senkaku Islands. Rather than simply nationalizing the Senkaku Islands, we must keep in mind that China may take drastic measures such as going ashore on the islands, and thus we should strengthen our effective governance there. Therefore, we must construct facilities on the islands so that Japanese people can come and go there, and swiftly build a defensive posture and develop laws that will enable us to prevent an infringement of sovereignty with compelling force.

As the situation in Northeast Asia grows increasingly tense, to protect the lives of citizens it is urgent that the alliance between Japan and the United States is strengthened and a fundamental structure for national defense developed. It will thus be necessary to amend Article 9 of the constitution, which binds the hands and feet of Japan in terms of national defense. It is extremely regrettable that due to the negligence of the Diet, no concrete progress appears to have been made with constitutional amendments. In the light of this situation, the Happiness Realization Party, in order to deal with the “crisis at hand,” intends to once again push forward the recommendation that Article 9 of the constitution be reinterpreted so as not to apply with regard to nations whose peoples cannot be considered to be peace loving.

In building a peaceful order in Asia, the major issues are to halt China’s hegemonic expansion and reform its political system, which is oppressive regarding the human rights of its people. In the remote autonomous regions of China, ironfisted policies are in force that effectively stamp out the ethnic minorities, and Japan as a major player in Asia cannot sit back in this situation. Japan is aware of its responsibilities as a major nation, and we must strengthen our efforts to spread freedom and democracy throughout China and the other countries of Asia.

Based on these ideas, the Happiness Realization Party supported and participated in the “5/3 Changing the Constitution and Protecting the Freedom of Japan and Asia! Citizens’ Rally & Demonstration” held at the Hibiya Large Open-Air Concert Hall in Tokyo on Constitution Memorial Day, and we once again expressed our resolve to protect Japan and Asia. We ask for your continued understanding and support.

Shugaku Tsuiki
Party Leader
Happiness Realization Party

“5/3 Changing the Constitution and Protecting the Freedom of Japan and Asia! Citizens’ Rally & Demonstration”
(Sponsor: Group to Protect the Future of Our Children from the Threat of China)

May 3 (Thu., holiday), Venue: Hibiya Large Open-Air Concert Hall
Open: 12:00 p.m., Start: 1:00 p.m. (Demonstration march beginning at 2:20 p.m.)
Course of demonstration: Hibiya Large Open-Air Concert Hall → Toranomon → Tameike-Sanno → Roppongi → (dispersal)

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