(Party Statement)Adoption of the Timid Resolution on the Human Rights in China Will Mislead the Future of Japan

2 February 2022

Happiness Realization Party


Adoption of the Timid Resolution
on the Human Rights in China
Will Mislead the Future of Japan

(Party Statement)


A resolution on the human rights violation by the Chinese government in such areas as Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region has been adopted by majority vote in the plenary session of the House of Representatives of Japan on 1 February.

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida previously stated, “Japan insists what it should insist. We demand China to act responsibly”; and the adoption of the resolution, with the Liberal Democratic Party at the center, should have been proceeded to show Japan’s standing position to condemn China’s human rights violation.

Nevertheless, the resolution, which has been adopted this time, avoided to name China – the main party concerned for the human rights violation – and removed such core wordings as “human rights violation” and “condemnation.” In the end, the resolution was modified as to not offend China.

We cannot waste a minute more to condemn China of their grim human rights violation in such areas as Uyghur, Tibet, South Mongolia and Hong Kong. Outrages worse than genocide are going on now. It is not such a lukewarm situation, like expressed in the resolution as “information should be collected to grasp the whole picture of the human rights situation.”

While the international community has been voicing its criticism and imposing economic sanctions on China; Japan’s future can be endangered by adopting such a timid resolution and sending out such misleading message that Japan is conciliatory to China.

Since the end of last year, the Happiness Realization Party (HRP) has been collecting signatures for “the petition for stopping human rights violations by the Chinese Communist Party and requesting the defense of Taiwan and Okinawa be strengthened” all over Japan. Freedom will be deprived from Japan and the world and people will be placed in misery if we simply stay silent and observe China’s current human rights violation and hegemonic expansion. We believe it is our duty to stop China’s reckless action.

HRP believes that “freedom, democracy and faith” are the fundamental principles of politics. Especially, politics without “faith” cannot halt the political power from going out of control because people do not need to consider God’s eyes watching over them.

HRP will continue its activity, together with faithful nations, to stop the human rights violation by the atheist nation, China.

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