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The Happiness Realization Party was founded in May of 2009 by Master Ryuho Okawa as part of the Happy Science Group to offer concrete and proactive solutions to the current issues such as military threats from North Korea and China, and the long term economic recession. HRP aims to implement drastic reforms of the Japanese government, thereby bringing peace and prosperity to Japan. To accomplish this, HRP proposes 2 key policies : 1. Strengthening the national security and the Japan-US Alliance which plays a vital role in the stability of Asia, 2. Improving the Japanese economy by implementing drastic tax cuts, taking monetary easing measures and creating new major industries. HRP advocates that Japan should offer a model of a religious nation that allows diverse values and beliefs to coexist, and that contributes to global peace.

Japanese Name :
幸福実現党 (Kofuku Jitsugen To)
English Name :
Happiness Realization Party
Established :
May 23, 2009
Founder :
Ryuho Okawa
Party Statement :
Manifesto of the Happiness Realization Party (published by IRH Press)
Address :
6th Fl.,2‐10-8,Akasaka,Minato­‐ku,Tokyo 107‐0052
E-mail :
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The Happiness Realization Party Logo


The Happiness Realization Party Logo (Global Version)
The brilliant Earth shows prosperity and the Golden Wing represents courage and hope.
Below of the logo there is the name of party in Japanese,
"Kofuku Jitsugen To", which means Happiness Realization Party.

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