Our Philosophy

Aims of the Happiness Realization Party

We intend to develop a unified spiritual foundation for the politics of Japan. This is our long-cherished hope.
Unless the country has a spiritual foundation, it will become lost, and its citizens fall into an abyss of unhappiness.

We wish to make Japan abundant. We intend to achieve eternal justice and will not give in to evildoers.
We hope to lead the people toward the realization of true happiness.
We intend to create a world in which people feel heartfelt delight about having been born in Japan and during this era.

The fight to create a utopia has only just begun.
This battle is never-ending.
Our fight toward a boundless future and distant ideal objectives will surely go on.

Happiness Realization Party Founder and President Ryuho Okawa

The Happiness Realization Party is a political party established in May 2009 that holds the mainstay support of the religious organization Happy Science. The party was launched in response to the need for positive and concrete action in society to address the real-world problems that religion cannot solve alone.

Today’s Japan lacks a spiritual foundation, and the country has lost sight of its overall objectives. The Happiness Realization Party intends to develop a spiritual foundation for the nation and realize a vision for its basic operations, while acting in concert with political forces that will bring happiness to human beings.

The HRP aims to bring together the strength of those who share the ideals of the Party, drive the development of Japan, and spread this momentum throughout the world. The HRP hopes to receive your support and assent to create a brighter future.

Separation of state and religion

The true meaning of separation of state and religion

In line with our objective of improving the world and realizing happiness, we believe that religion and politics should be integrated. For example, there are many cases in which disaster relief and so forth is carried out on the basis of religion, and this is also a job for politics. In order to achieve drastic solutions to the problems related to refugees, poverty, and the like, the power of politics and economics must be harnessed.

The stipulation of separation of state and religion (Article 20 in the Constitution of Japan) is based on the history of religions other than state-sponsored Shinto being oppressed under the Meiji Constitution. It was thus created so that this type of oppression of minority groups would no longer occur. Furthermore, the Constitution of Japan guarantees freedom of choice in employment and freedom of assembly, association, speech, press, and all other forms of expression. Therefore, it does not prohibit the political activities of religious organizations.

The manifesto of the Happiness Realization Party book series

The “Manifesto of the Happiness Realization Party” made by President Ryuho Okawa in a sermon on April 30, 2009 was the basis for the launch of the Happiness Realization Party, and was made into a number of books referred to as the Manifesto of the Happiness Realization Party series. The series contains five volumes, and sets forth the central political ideas and policies of the Happiness Realization Party. We recommend that you read it.

  • 『幸福実現党宣言―この国の未来をデザインする』(Kofuku Jitsugen To Sengen : Konokuni no mirai wo dezain suru) Manifesto of the Happiness Realization Party: Designing japan's Future
  • 『政治の理想について ~幸福実現党宣言2』(Seiji no riso nitsuite : Kofukujitsugensengen2) Ideal Politics: Manifesto of the Happiness Realization Party 2
  • 『政治に勇気を ~幸福実現党宣言3』(Seiji ni yuki o : Kofukujitsugensengen3) Courage in Politics: Manifesto of the Happiness Realization Party 3
  • 『新・日本国憲法 試案 ~幸福実現党宣言4』(Shin・Nihonkokukenpou shian : Kofukujitsugensengen4) Draft Proposal for a New Constitution of Japan: Manifesto of the Happiness Realization Party 4
  • 『夢のある国へ――幸福維新―― ~幸福実現党宣言5』(Yume noaru kuni e -Kofukuishin- : Kofukujitsugensengen5) Becoming a Country with Dreams and Restoring Happiness:Manifesto of the Happiness Realization Party 5

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