Master Ryuho Okawa, Founder and President of the Happiness Realization Party (HRP), Delivered the Lecture, The World of Freedom, Democracy and Faith, Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Founding of HRP

14 May 2019


The summary of the lecture is as follows:

Master Okawa started the lecture by saying, “This is my first lecture in the era of REIWA.” He then said, “While we have solidified the basic part of our political activity in these 10 years, my honest feeling is that HRP still has a long way to go to fulfill the mission it must. Since we have been conducting our activities in parallel in the fields of religion, education, entertainment and international matters, we have so far made very small achievement.”

On the other hand, he also said, “In these 10 years, HRP has led Japan as an opinion party and started to influence the politics in other nations as well. It was very much encouraging for me that the leaders who are fighting against human rights suppression in other countries and the people who are trying to create new nations stated that HRP is their guide for the future.”

Regarding the theme of “Freedom, Democracy and Faith,” Master Okawa explained that “the freedom from the nation” is necessary for people whose individual freedom and the power to realize happiness are restricted by their own nations. In Japan, while the freedom of speech, action and expression are observed, it lacks “the freedom for the nation”, or the freedom to recreate the nation, which is what HRP has been insisting on.”

On “democracy” and “faith,” Master Okawa said, “A new religion starts its activity based on the voice of God, but is usually a minority under democracy. This is the reason why HRP has not been able to win the election. However, that is fine. HRP has to win while pushing for democracy. The underlying basic idea of democracy is that the people will not choose a government which will persecute them and make them unhappy. It is important to guarantee the religion through democratic means because it may change in the long run.”

Regarding the trade war between the U.S. and China in which the U.S. is claiming to impose 25% tariffs on imports from China, he pointed it out by saying, “It is generally taught that the world will prosper only through free trade. However, China has been making more than 30 trillion yen of surplus through its trade with the U.S., and continuing to spend 20 trillion yen on its defense. President Trump has decided that the U.S. should reduce the profit China is making through the trade between the two countries. Mr. Trump is trying to do what the past successive presidents have left undone.” Master Okawa also recommended that amidst the U.S.-China trade war, Japan should overcome whatever hardships may come, for the sake of defending the nation. “What can be produced in Japan must be produced in Japan. The Japanese must buy products made in Japan. It is better for the Japanese to overcome hardships by making efforts to create employment and wage by themselves. After a while, the world trend will change and Japan can adjust to the situation then.” He suggested it is better for Japan to follow the U.S.

Master Okawa also touched upon Mr. Kim Jong-un’s visit to President Putin of Russia the other day. “President Putin told Mr. Kim Jong-un something similar to what the U.S. had said: ‘North Korea should discard its nuclear weapons all at once.’ President Putin did a great job. He did not cross the line; he kept a distance from North Korea. We can see that President Putin made a strategic decision to draw toward Japan instead of North Korea. Japan should make an effort to let Russia come back to G8. Then, Japan and Russia can work toward signing a peace treaty. There is no prospect that the four northern islands held by Russia will be returned to Japan, but Japan must say what must be said according to the international situation at the time.”

Master Okawa addressed a question that a reporter wrote to him after a talk session titled, “Our Dreams Won’t End” with HRP leader Ryoko Shaku just a couple of months ago. The question was, “What do you think of the issue on South Korea?” He answered, “There are many Koreans living in Japan, and their national character is complicated. We have never made any discriminatory remarks, but we have pointed out clearly that their claims such as “military comfort women” and “forced labor” are wrong. Currently in Korea, however, both the right and left wings are based on anti-Japanese sentiment, almost like ‘anti-Japanese totalitarianism.’ We can say it is Fascism. President Moon Jae-in is hoping to lift economic sanctions on North Korea before its nuclear weapons are abandoned, and unify the North and the South based on anti-Japan sentiment. He seems to think that a strong nation of 80 million will be created and Korea can take revenge for its past pain and discrimination. Needless to say, many anti-Japanese movies are screened in South Korea and most people are not informed of the Gwangjiu Uprising. However, we must see the situation from a larger perspective. South Korea can survive only under the influence of other nations, such as China, Russia, the U.S. and Japan.”

In the lecture, Master Okawa also mentioned about Prime Minister Abe’s comment on resolving the North Korean issue. Mr. Abe hopes to talk with Kim Jong-un unconditionally to resolve the abduction issue, but Master Okawa pointed out that he would not accept it if Kim Jong-un requests a ransom of more than 1 trillion yen in the unconditional talk, as Kim Jong-il did when he talked with the Japanese prime minister at the time. “It is North Korea that must compensate for the damages Japan suffered. I want to say that North Korea should at least abandon nuclear weapons if it cannot compensate for the damages. A nation unable to discern good from evil cannot be the leader of the world.”

In concluding the lecture, Master Okawa insisted strongly that while there are many Diet members of other political parties in Japan, most of them cannot speak on what are good and evil and on the future of Japan. “Please judge by the quality of the candidates. That is what it means to be a democratic nation. That is the way that a free nation can live together with faith. In the U.S., politics close to God’s ideals can be realized through majority rule, since it is natural for the Americans to pray to God in the free and equal nation. The future of Japan and the world must be like this. After resolving the problem of the communist nations will be issues of Iran and Israel. I can save Islamic nations because I can deliver the words of Allah. So, please have more power.”

In Part 2 of the event, HRP leader Ms. Ryoko Shaku gave words of gratitude to HRP supporters and said, “We will create a future filled with freedom, democracy and faith, together with our friends all around Japan.” Executives and official local councillors of HRP then came up to the stage and roused their fighting spirit together with the audience, wishing for the victory in the coming national election. The event hall was filled with overwhelming energy of the 7,000 participants.




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