Message from the Party Leader

Shugaku Tsuiki

The familiar phrase “the lost decades” describes how the Japanese economy has been sluggish since around 1990.

Following the war, Japan worked hard to overtake Europe and the United States in terms of abundance, and the country in fact achieved this during the years up to around 1990. Since 1990, Japan has been drifting without a national objective or vision, and has been suffering from a sense of stagnation.

Right now what is needed is a new vision for the nation. Once Japan has achieved the highest level of abundance in the world, the country must increasingly develop this abundance and move forward as a nation that proactively contributes to peace and prosperity in the world.

With Japan working to achieve such a grand vision, unprecedented ingenuity and innovation will appear, and the country will, we believe, overcome its current anxieties about the future.

Religion will play a very significant role in establishing and realizing a new vision. Religion serves as an abundant source of creativity and inspiration, and has the power to organize people and bring them together.

The Happiness Realization Party is a new political party based on religion, and we believe we can make a significant contribution to the people of Japan in this regard. I personally am doing all in my power to spearhead the start of the next era for the Japanese nation.

The Happiness Realization Party appeals to you for support.

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