The Happiness Realization Party will reactivate Japan by making following Three Challenges

1. Strengthen Japan’s defensive power
・We will amend article 9 of Japanese Constitution to protect Japan from the threat from foreign countries.
・We will strengthen our own national defensive power while respecting the Japan-U.S. alliance.
・We will dispel masochistic view of history among Japanese people.

2. Stop raising consumption taxes
・We will stop raising consumption taxes. It is not tax raise but economic growth that is necessary to rebuild the economy in Japan as well as in U.S.A.
・We will achieve high economic growth by executing ”200 trillion yen future nation construction plan.”
・We will activate the corporate activities by drastically bringing down corporate tax rates.

3. Create a society in which everyone can remain on active duty in entire life
・We will expand the chance of employment for senior citizens to play an active role in the society and enjoy longevity.
・We will abolish inheritance tax and donation tax to strengthen the tie between family and eliminate the fear in the old age.
・We will try to create towns where the ties among the neighbors are strong and senior citizens can live peacefully and joyfully.