Response to the Results of the Election of the House of Representatives and the Tokyo Gubernatorial Election

It is with regret that I report that none of the candidates from the Happiness Realization Party won seats in the recent election of the House of Representatives. I would like to express my heartfelt regret, as well as profound gratitude, to all of the party members who fought alongside us during this election and all of the voters who provided their support. I also want to convey my appreciation for all of the support that we have received to date.

With the escalating military threats from neighboring countries, prolonged economic recession, the campaign to abandon nuclear power generation, and other developments, Japan is truly facing a dangerous situation. The Happiness Realization Party is thus fighting to restore Japan based on the three elements of defensive strength, economic strength, and nuclear energy.

As time goes by, support for our party is spreading, and I would like to reiterate my sincere gratitude for the support that we are receiving. Although we were not able to win any seats this time, some of our appeals to overcome the current national crisis hit home with voters, and I believe that we have had an impact on shaping public opinion.

In the election of the House of Representatives, the Liberal Democratic Party came out victorious while the Democratic Party of Japan suffered a major defeat, and not much progress was made in the rise of a third major force in national politics. There has been a notable trend of a “resurgence of conservatives” among voters, and I am proud to say that the activities of the Happiness Realization Party over the past three years have contributed to this.

In the gubernatorial election for Tokyo—which took place along with the election of the House of Representatives—the official candidate of our party, Tokma, was unable to win. I would like to express my deep appreciation to all who provided their support. Going forward, our party intends to further strengthen our activities aimed at invigorating Tokyo and boosting the strength of the nation.

The Happiness Realization Party is taking a close look at the public opinions expressed in these elections. We intend to overcome the current national crisis by “restoring the spirit of religion” in Japan, and we will fight with unwavering resolve to win seats in the election of the House of Councillors this summer, while spotlighting the fact that we can achieve a “revival for Japan.”

Shugaku Tsuiki
Party Leader
Happiness Realization Party