Flyer : Senkaku Islands are Japanese territory.

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Senkaku Islands are Japanese territory
Chinese Invasion of Japan

Japan officially incorporated Senkaku Islandsto its territory on January 14, 1895, after careful investigation to make sure that no one had lived in the islands and the Qing Dynasty had not administered the area. This process complies with international law that provides legitimate procedures to acquire sovereignty over a territory.

Nevertheless, China suddenly started to claim its sovereignty over Senkakus in 1971, as soon as the UN reported a possibility of a massive amount of oil reserve in the area after its marine servey in 1969 and 1970. Before this, China had never claimed its right to possess the islands. Therefore, China is committing an act of aggression towards Japaneese
territory by making a illegitimate claim over the Senkakus, landing of activists on the islands, and intruding of Japanese territorial waters by ships.

Yáng Jiéchí, the Chinese foreign minister,maintained at the UN general assembly that “Daoyutai Islands (Chinese name for Senkakus) andislands nearby are indigenous Chinese territory. Wehave incontestable historical and legal evidence.”
Also, he stated that “Japan stole the islands in 1895after the First Sino-Japanese War.” His statement is
nothing but propaganda.

China aims to stir international public opinionsby Nazi-like propaganda in order to invade theindigenous territory of Japan.The HappinessRealization Party would never tolerate China’s act of aggression towards Japan.


“Nanking Massacre” and “comfort women issue” are fabrications.
Distortion of historical facts by China and South Korea

China claims that the Japanese military murdered 300 thousand civilians when it occupied Nanking in December, 1937.

But, today, a thick pile of evidence has revealed that the incident in Nanking was much smaller in magnitude than China’s
claim.In fact,there was no incident that deserves to be called “massacre.”The so-called “Nanking Massacre” is
nothing but propaganda of the Chinese government.

Also, South Korea recently accuses Japan on a basis that the Japanese military kidnapped Korean women to force them to work as “sex slaves” during the Second World War. This is also a groundless,fabricated narrative of history.

Military forces often have brothels for their soldiers so as to prevent raping of local people during warfare. The Japanese military at that time also allowed businesses to set up brothels around where they were stationing in the purpose of prevention of raping.

In addition to Japan’s noble samurai spirit, the brothel system ran by private businesses kept rape incidents within few numbers in the places Japan occupied. Thus,operation of brothels in war zonesisnot something to blame as war crimebuta
necessary evil in a strategic and moral sense.

The Happiness Realization Party strongly protests against China and South Korea’s propaganda based on fabricated historical facts that intended to demean Japan’s reputation.