“Freedom, Democracy, and Faith

HRP believes that “freedom, democracy, and faith” should be the basic principles of politics.
The followings are the reasons why we believe that the three values are vital.

1. “Freedom” is the source of happiness

The most important thing in politics is to protect “freedom” of people and expand its sphere. People will lose their happiness, if the freedom of speech and action is restricted. “Freedom” is an essential condition for “happiness.”

In Hong Kong, young people are risking their lives to protect their “freedom.” However, the number of people, who do not know the fear of losing their political freedom, might have been increasing among the people, who have been living in liberal nations for a long time.

Yet, people of the world have lost their freedom of action and economic activity this year, as a result of the infection prevention policy for the novel coronavirus originated in China. In short, people have witnessed the reality that “freedom” can be easily taken away under the name of “infection control.”

We can open our own path by our own will and effort, and people can have hope for their future only when they have freedom. HRP is determined to protect the “value of freedom” at all costs.

2. “Democracy” is antithetic to “dictatorship”

Democracy is a political system, in which “people decide how politics of their nation should be.”

Nowadays, people take democracy for granted in many countries. However, looking at the history, the mainstream of the political style was, “a person who was born into a particular status or pedigree, such as a king, decides how the country should be.” Therefore, it is a great joy for the people, themselves, to be able to decide how the nation should be.

Under a democratic system, everyone is given a chance equally, and anyone can make the best use of his/her individuality and strength through his/her own effort. It is one of the great advantages of democracy that various talented people can be created regardless of their birth.

On the contrary, under a dictatorship, which is the exact opposite of democracy, people cannot speak or act freely because they may be executed if they criticize the dictator, or act in a way that is different from the nation’s policy. It is an extremely frightening political system, under which people can be treated coldly or purged, if they do not follow the will of the dictator.

3. “Faith” gives the right direction to “freedom” and “democracy”

In this way, “freedom” and “democracy” are very important values in realizing happiness of the people.

However, the national order will not be maintained, if freedom is not accompanied by responsibility, and people’s selfishness runs rampant. People feel happy, when they live their lives with the heart of “benefiting self benefits others”, in which people make effort to discipline their own lives and, as a result, make other people happy. On the other hand, if the people who just try to rely on the government become the majority, the power of the government increases as a result of its pork-barrel policy with tax hike. There may even be a case, when a dictator is born out of the ballot box and people’s happiness can be lost, as seen in the case of Hitler’s rise in Germany.

In short, freedom and democracy are not necessarily almighty. It is, therefore, important to give proper direction to them. It is “faith”, which gives the right direction to freedom and democracy.

People can know the criteria of right and wrong by having faith in God and Buddha, who have created human beings and have been guiding them for a long time, and learning their teachings.

Also, our effort to improve ourselves and to live an altruistic life will become void, if our life is limited only to this world and we are born into this world by accident.

We believe that “the essence of human beings is the soul, which has eternal life and strives to draw near to God and Buddha by being reborn repeatedly between this world and the other world.” This world is a “school” for training our soul. Politics which makes people lose their spirit of self-help, ravages true happiness from people.

A nation can achieve great prosperity and justice as a whole, and each of its nationals can exercise his/her individuality and talent, when he/she chooses “goodness” based on his/her self-awareness as a child of God and Buddha.

HRP strives to improve the Japanese society, based on these three basic political principles of “freedom, democracy, and faith,” and let Japan promote individual and public happiness from Asia to the world as a leader nation.

Diplomacy and Security

Protect Freedom, Democracy, and Faith of Japan and the World from China’s Totalitarianism

Japan’s current defense system is insufficient against China’s expanding hegemony and the threat of North Korea’s nuclear missiles. Japan, as the leader of Asia, must strengthen its defense power and promote “strategic diplomacy” together with the nations which share the values of “freedom, democracy and faith.” Further, HRP aims to realize the world peace, under the leadership of Japan, the nation with the spirit of religious tolerance.

1. Make Japan a nation of “global standard”: “Protect your nation by yourself”

- China has been increasing its military spending and its military hegemony year after year, and intruding into the territorial waters around the Senkaku Islands repeatedly. North Korea does not stop its nuclear development, and has been launching missiles at Japan many times. Nevertheless, the Japanese government does nothing under these circumstances. Article 9 of the Constitution of Japan, which stipulates the “non-retention of force”, has been restricting Japan’s retention of defense capabilities, which is natural to a sovereign nation, for a long time. However, originally, protecting the life, safety, and property of the people is the minimum duty of the state. Strengthening national defense, based on the notion of “defending your nation by yourself”, does not contradict with the basic principle of Buddhism, which promotes good and stifles evil.

Major Policies

- First, HRP will increase the defense budget to the international standard of 2% of GDP.
- Article 9 of the Constitution of Japan will be amended to characterize the Self-Defense Forces as an “army.”
- HRP proposes to start the consideration of possession of enemy base attack capability in order to ensure Japan’s missile defense, as well as the future nuclear armament.
- HRP strengthens Japan’s self-defense capability and integrates its defense operations with that of the United States.

2. Japan must take the initiative to build a “China encirclement network”

- Japan has always been sensitive to China’s mood. However, Japan should take the initiative to protect the Asian seas as the leader.
- More than 99% of Japan’s trade relies on sea transport. Ensuring stable access to sea lanes is an essential subject for the Japanese economy. Japan must stifle the expansion of China’s hegemony by strengthening the Japan-U.S. alliance, as well as relations with such nations as Taiwan, Russia, Australia, India, and the United Kingdom.

Major Policies

- HRP makes Japan takes the lead in strengthening ties with such nations as the United States, Taiwan, Russia, Australia, India, and the United Kingdom.
- HRP encourages Japan to participate in the Five Eyes, an international mechanism to share confidential information, with an eye on China.
- HRP encourages Japan to conclude a Japan-Russia peace treaty as soon as possible, and invites Russia to Japan’s side, not China’s.
- HRP defends Taiwan decisively, and supports the democratization of Hong Kong.


Early economic recovery through utilizing the “wisdom of the private sector”

Economy has been damaged severely by the novel coronavirus originated in China. Many companies have been forced into bankruptcy or out of business. What is needed for economic recovery now is not subsidies and regulations by the government, but policies which can utilize the “wisdom of the private sector.”

1. “Simple and cheap taxes” back up economic activity

“Property rights” secure the freedom of individuals. Imposing high taxes is nothing but a “violation of property rights” by the government. By making taxes lower and simple, the government must allow companies and individuals to be able to use their money, which they have earned through their efforts, for their self-investment and social contribution freely.

Major Policies

- HRP makes income tax a flat rate of about 10%. Corporate tax will be lowered to the 10% range. HRP hopes for Japan to become a tax-free nation eventually. Inheritance tax will be abolished, and HRP supports business expansion and its succession.
- Subsidies and benefits will be abolished. In case of emergency, HRP will make sure that the government helps people borrow cash smoothly through private financial institutions, under certain conditions.
- The “Social Security and Tax Number System”, which can lead to the introduction of a saving tax, will be abolished.

2. Countermeasures against the Coronavirus through “Self-help”, not by voluntary-restraint

- The Corona recession cannot be overcome by a dole-out policy. This is because economic activity is activated by building trust through human connections. In this time of economic hardship, we must think very hard, “how companies can make their customers happy.” The government should then support the companies so that they can exercise their “hardworking spirit” and the “spirit of self-help with wisdom.”

Major Policies

- HRP opposes to declaration of a state of emergency with travel restrictions and activity control.
- The “new lifestyle”, which requires strict infection control measures, must be revised urgently.
- HRP demands the government remove the “designated infectious disease status” from the novel coronavirus, and treat it in the same category with influenza.
- HRP encourages investment in growing industries through tax cuts and deregulation.

3. Build an economy which does not depend on China, the totalitarian nation

- Many of Japan’s manufacturing companies concentrate their production bases in China. They rely on China to supply parts too. “China” is the nation, in which economic activities can be arbitrarily stopped at the will of the dictator. In order to avoid the China-risk, Japan must break away from its dependence on the Chinese economy, and establish a “home production system.”

Major Policies

- HRP provides significant tax reduction for the companies which relocate their production bases from China to Japan.
- HRP promotes economic cooperation with the nations which share the values of freedom, democracy and faith, such as the United States.
- HRP promotes the domestic demand-driven economy which does not rely on inbound demand, by increasing disposable income through such measures as tax cuts.

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