On the Issues, see our position

1.Economic and Unemployment Policy

  • HRP believes that hard work should be fairly compensated.
  • Fiscal conservatism promotes good work ethic and provides incentive for work as individuals and corporations are rewarded for their effort and growth.

2.International Diplomacy and Defense Strategy

  • An independent state has the obligation and right to protect its own sovereignty and should practice self-reliance.
  • Alliance between democratic states with stable capitalist economies such as US and Japan should be strengthened.

3.Public Education Policy

  • Restoring an efiicient administration of the public education system will decrease the need and financial burden for private supplementary education programs.
  • Fair compensation for good teachers and schools and incentives for improved administration.

4.Welfare Policy

  • Social welfare programs often eliminate personal ties to the family and community.
  • Impersonal bureaucratic systems prevent those in need from getting the full emotional, mental and spiritual support required to overcome or manage their circumstance.
  • HRP encourages the restoration of family and community ties for a more personalized support network.

5.Faith Based Nation

  • HRP respects and honors a nation's religious traditions and beliefs.
  • Faith is an integral part of a nation's social fabric, identity and greater moral values of a country.