Party Platform

1. Purpose of the Launch of the Party
2. Mission of the Party
3. General Framework of Policies

1. Purpose of the Launch of the Party

Japan has now entered an era in which it must fulfill its mission as a global leader. Frequent outbreaks of international conflicts are occurring, and we can see that these are grounded in mistrust and conflicts among religions. We believe that Japan must serve as a central player in the world, and act as a model for religious integration and world peace where people holding a diverse sense of values can coexist. Japan's history is marked by a spirit of religious tolerance where religions have co-existed and prospered together, bringing happiness to the people. The “mission of Japan as a major nation” is to realize peace based on this spirit of freedom and tolerance on a global level.

Since the Meiji Restoration, Japan has significantly changed its political systems, and has incorporated the models of Western countries. Through the tireless, concerted efforts of citizens, the country has achieved economic growth, which has given it responsibilities as a major nation in the world. Meanwhile, under the colonial constitution, religion has been abolished, and materialism and atheism have permeated society. Moral values and justice have been lost in politics, education, and family life, and bullying, suicide, and crime are increasing. Furthermore, as the situation in Asia grows increasingly tense, Japan has lost the ability to defend itself as a sovereign nation, and the lives, property, and safety of its citizens are in danger.

At such a critical moment, there is a lack of political force to face this national crisis head-on and realize happiness for citizens, and thus political mistrust and despondency are spreading among the people. The Happiness Realization Party, as a responsible political party that has the courage to take action to provide a bright future for humanity, hereby declares the formation of the Party for realizing the tangible happiness of the people of Japan and the world.

2. Mission of the Party

1. Realization of an ideal nation under a religious political party

Religion and politics are complementary to each other, and when good religion is in cooperation with good politics, citizens are provided with the highest level of happiness and prosperity. As a religious political party based on tolerance, the Happiness Realization Party aims to have citizens enjoy spiritual abundance and create Japan as an ideal nation that is economically prosperous.

2. Realization of a resolute nation under a responsible political party

The Constitution of Japan, which was created under occupational policy, has caused Japan to lose its “national spirit,” and under the current Constitution, Japan lacks a spiritual grounding. The Happiness Realization Party aims for the citizens of Japan to independently amend their own Constitution and courageously build a “resolute nation.”

3. Realization of true democracy under a conservative political party

The Happiness Realization Party will protect true democracy based on the sound judgment of citizens and prevent the country from falling into totalitarianism, a dictatorship, or a mobocracy. To this end, the HRP will protect the freedom of religion and the freedom of speech and press, which serve as the foundations of democracy, and will do its utmost to establish liberalism and prosperity, which are supports for democracy, both inside and outside Japan.

4. Realization of tangible happiness under a political party of the people

The Happiness Realization Party is open to all who sympathize with its aims in wishing for the happiness of Japanese citizens and humanity. The HRP is based on universal religious principles and flexibly pursues innovation that is in line with the changing times. The Party will design a model for the future, realize tangible happiness for citizens, and spread this happiness to the world.

3. General Framework of Policies

The Happiness Realization Party has the following 10 policy outlines in order to realize tangible happiness for citizens.

1. Becoming a resolute nation based on amending Article 9 of the Constitution

The HRP will restore the national spirit of Japan, amend Article 9 of the Constitution, and give the nation the right of self-defense. We will protect the lives, property, and safety of citizens, and build a resolute nation that will not allow other countries to carry out malicious acts.

2. Agile and responsible politics based on a presidential system

The HRP will introduce a presidential system in order to realize agile operation of the nation that reflects the will of the people. The president will fulfill political responsibilities as the head of the state. The Imperial system will be maintained and passed down as a traditional cultural symbol of ancient times.

3. True educational reform based on religion

The HRP will incorporate universal religious education and moral education into public education and eliminate bullying at schools. The Party will comprehensively transition away from yutori (relaxed education), which is causing a decline in academic standards, with a view toward boosting the international competitiveness of public education.

4. Fundamental administrative reforms incorporating management ideas

The HRP will incorporate management ideas into administrative affairs and will make an effort to boost the productivity of the government. The Party will work to achieve a budget surplus for the government, and will aim to implement surplus management based on the elimination of the single-year budget system, which has been the cause of the budget deficit.

5. Future social security promoting mutual assistance among citizens

Japan’s social security system for pensions, medical care, and so forth is coming to the end of the road, and it is clear that such a socialist system is limited. The HRP will activate and expand private sector-based social security for families, regions, and public interest corporations.

6. Creation of business entrepreneurs based on the promotion of free competition

The HRP will revise the socialist tax system, which is aimed at equal results for all, and regulation and protection by the government, and will promote a spirit of self-help efforts by citizens and an entrepreneurial climate. The Party will significantly increase the number of business entrepreneurs and expand the amount of wealth of the nation.

7. Construction of future-oriented cities based on utilizing the latent potential of cities

The HRP will promote transport reforms that will lead to the creation the infrastructure for further economic development, and will drastically ease regulations on urban development. The Party will thus unlock the latent potential of cities and construct future-oriented cities.

8. Japan open to the world, serving as a center for global economics, finance, and culture

The HRP will open Japan from its current state of economic and cultural isolation and develop the nation as a center for global economics, finance, and culture, where there is a gathering of people, products, funds, technologies, and knowledge from around the world. The Party will promote the concept of a “cycle of prosperity” on a global scale.

9. National project planning for the era of 10 billion people

Japan urgently needs to create wealth and make innovations in science and technology in order to prepare for the era in which the global population will be 10 billion. As a national project, the HRP will work to achieve an energy revolution and food revolution, engage in the development of space, and enable Japan to play a leading role in the world.

10. Realization of world peace based on a spirit of religious tolerance

The HRP will help Japan, as a country with a spirit of religious tolerance, to serve as a leader in ending the unfortunate history of repeated wars originating from conflicts in religions and ideologies. The Party will guide Japan toward giving top priority to the goal of abolishing nuclear weapons in nations that seek to invade other countries. Furthermore, the HRP will help Japan to significantly promote world peace in a realistic manner.

For more details, please click here for a Happiness Realization Party mission statement PDF.

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